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So much of today’s visual messaging is based on “filtered” images that are layered, dolloped, manipulated and packaged to present an altered, fantastical version of reality - or to just shove a crazy moment in your face to make you gasp, laugh or cry. If you need an expert in Photoshop, I have been using it (and other programs) since 1992. Image compositing and photo-illustration are in my blood and I want to create visual compositions that make your message powerful.






Imagination and creativity often escape description. Whether visual, audible or another of our senses, the results of the creative process can be unpredictable. Style is another concept not easily defined, yet each of us often has a distinct, gut reaction to a style without thinking. For this reason, I invite you to review my sample materials to see if my imagination and style work for you - if so, please get in touch. While most folks work for a paycheck, my greatest reward is your satisfaction and success. Together, let’s build a relationship that focuses on that success and your long term goals.

Still photography, properly staged and styled, is an essential ingredient in the branding process. Stills are different from motion pictures as the viewer can engage and slowly savour all the rich details without being rushed. Great photographs make heroes that catch the eye to initiate interest and build momentum. My broad experience crosses over so many product genres that I have lost count. This experience that will benefit you when it’s time to craft your branding photograph.

Graphic and web design are the inviting foundation of modern communication. Whether business to business or business to consumer, the artistry of the graphic layout is the magic that drives an effective sales pitch. I believe in clear, visual presentations that are easy to understand, yet powerful and persuasive. I deliver attractive designs that have impact and call your customer to action.

“As both a commercial photographer and graphic designer, I know images and headlines thrive together. I am skilled and passionate about producing bold designs that harness an extraordinary visual power to build your brand.”