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My passion is creating your compelling content. I evaluate your product attributes or service solutions based on your customer profile. I then construct a bold, solutions based message and craft a striking visual story to drive this message home with memorable urgency. While I often shoot heroic stills, I prefer to double down on motion imagery that surpasses the power of any static image. The information on this page outlines my approach to building motion content that elevates your brand.

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There are innumerable ways to script an eye-catching product video that will decimate and overpower its still counterpart. Because of this, we start with the product itself and its unique design qualities and features. The product (and its size/weight) often dictates the type of motion most suited to its nature and attributes. Whether a 360 spin, a single scripted product move or a compound move that integrates product, camera and “light in motion” for a bold effect, I have your product covered. A dope messaging concept, custom set staging, beautiful light and a camera perspective that truly captures your product’s inner hero is what I promise and deliver.

Never in history has your customer been more accessible - reached through the internet in their pocket....

But what do you need to reach them...? Compelling content that draws their eye, teases their heart and calls them to action.


"Jewelry, in particular, benefits from the theatrical extra-dimensionality of changing perspective and lighting conditions."

"Whether a simple product spin or heroic staging with motion, jewelry's magnetic appeal is magnified many fold!"

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Motion catches the eye. Choreographed motion, dramatically photographed, attracts and motivates the heart. Let me put motion to work for you.