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So many of us think that creativity is just an accident, a gift, a split-second splash of genius or some other serendipitous moment that is unexpected. And we are correct some, if not most, of the time.

My personal creativity sometimes takes this course and I am grateful because listening to my inner voice is a potent source for my own creative direction. Chance inspiration is a gift and I never ignore it.

But what’s the approach when you must create on demand for others - what I call purposeful or results-oriented creativity? This is what happens in the commercial arts world, movies and theater - especially in advertising and design, where one is handed a messaging project that must deliver a measurable, and profitable, outcome.

Over the years, guided by personal experience and the published experiences of other professionals, I have developed an approach that uses both informed and chance

elements. These elements frame the creative process to deliver a message that is both effective and memorable. Further, there is a secret that helps facilitate the process, which I will reveal below.

First, the basis for any advertising, marketing or design initiative is solid information. Detailed knowledge and awareness of your topic, objectives, audience and competition are essential. Whether a product, process or service - identifiable attributes and/or solutions are paramount. The needs and perceptions of your profiled customer may vary depending on numerous factors including (but not limited to) occupation, personal interests, political leanings, age, ethnicity and gender. Specific product or service benefits and solutions will help to create, from known data, a proper customer profile with guidance for your message and any objectives the message is designed to accomplish. The real challenge - “what is the clear selling point and the best message and delivery medium to communicate it?”

“Creativity is the magic that energizes a successful message and there is a proven creative process that helps foster this success.”

* Creativity knows no platform or media boundaries. A creative idea, presented properly, will grab those to whom it is directed.

Developing the message is an unpredictable process and knowledge of the communication channel* - whether static/still or motion/video - is critical to its development. It is now that the creative process begins in earnest and when my “secret” comes into play.

This “secret” is not mine but is not universally known either - it is an axiom that I have seen play out over and over again, invariably producing the most powerful outcome. As you begin to brainstorm, no idea - however small or disconnected - is “dumb” because the “dumb” idea is often the nascent beginning of the greatest ideas available.

Whether part of a creative team or your mind alone against the creative abyss, “dumb” ideas are often the best way to free-associate a path to a brilliant outcome. Never worry about straying too far from your objective as long as you don’t lose your focus on it.

It may be slow going, even stressful, when the “great idea” is elusive, but a “dumb” idea, is always your friend. A truly open exchange of possibilities is essential to the creative process, especially for productive commercial results. The “dumb” idea often immediately precedes the “aha” moment when the golden concept rings your bell.




“Even the greatest creative concept can be lost in the fog of production so I imagine ideas that can be enhanced by the production process”

I am Bill Deuster, a creative professional who has crafted visual content for over 44 years. I have the imagination and skill to carry your commercial messaging to the highest level. If you need a freelance creative/imaging director who knows the intimate details of production, then call on me to orchestrate your messaging content. My passion for the success of your marketing and advertising is unmatched and I will serve you with imagination and energy. Get in touch to discuss your needs and let’s explore the process together.

“Creative concepts that spring from feature benefits and a proper customer profile connect personally to deliver a greater response.”


Today's visual environment requires creativity and a bit of "trippy" finesse. I re-invent the box to harness the xtra-ordinary power of the visual image!